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These are boutique condos by one of the most luxury Toronto developers - Pemberton Group. This is not a regular project, this is a really top-quality one. A major advantage of this project is its location. The project has a direct connection to  Maple GO Station. The travel time from Maple GO Station to downtown Toronto (Union Station) for now is 30 minutes. Huge expansion to this GO line already on the way.  City investing a significant amount of money to change this GO line to the modern electrical trains with a frequency every 15 minutes all day long Line renovation will be done by 2023 and we will see new stations and silent high-speed trains running on this line with travel time to downtown 20 to 25 min.
York University (53,000 students) - 2nd stop by GO Train- 10 min
New Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital ( Completion 2020) - 10 min by Bus
Center location, Close to HWY - 404,400,407

Many parks, Golf Courses, Restaurants, and Stores just minutes away!
We expect a significant price increase in this area for condos in the next 3 to 4 years!
This project is also attractive for investors who are looking for long term investment. Rental rates in this area are slightly lower than in downtown, but the cost of apartments differ by 50%!

Prices starting from the mid 400's!



Located at 120 Eagle Rock Way, Maple Just steps from the Maple GO Station, The Mackenzie is a boutique condominium in Maple that not only meets but exceeds all your expectations. 

According to the proposed plan submitted to the City Council, this mixed-use project is going to feature a large retail space as well as some office space. The architects and developers of the project have placed the building right in the center of Maple so the residents can access the entire city easily.

This building will feature modern designs following the recent trends in the Toronto architecture and it will also symbolize the history and culture of this region. The developers will also make sure that the project is equipped with all the recent luxuries and amenities of life to facilitate the residents. One of the three new projects from the developer Pemberton will be completed in the coming few years.

Building Details

A 16 story boutique new condo by Pemberton Group, This project will face the Eagle Rock Way and will have a strategic orientation and building placement. This neighborhood offers plenty of pedestrians as well as vehicular circulation. For this reason, the Mackenzie Condos is going to work very well as it will feature a large retail space. There will be plenty of space available to park your vehicles and bicycles as well for the visitors as well as the residents.

The design orientation is mixed-use because this is the focus of the entire community. Special attention is given to building rooflines and massing. There will be a 6-story podium and it will feature balconies that won’t be uniform or coherent.

The inset balconies will provide the residents with a beautiful view of the streetscape. In addition to that, the tower of the project will have 9-story construction. The tower will be separated from the podium with the help of a small floor plate along with an inset amenity floor.

The massing, roof orientation, coloring, and articulation are appropriate according to the architectural style. The mechanical units on the rooftop are set back and they are screened to reduce visibility from the ground. The building will have a design that will unify it with its surroundings.

Amenities At Mackenzie Condos

There will be indoor and outdoor amenity space and at-grade landscaping available for the residents of the Mackenzie Condos to enjoy. There will be a terrace present on the 7th floor of the building and there will be a huge serving and parking area for the residents and visitors of the condos to enjoy.

The outdoor amenity space will feature a large-sized patio with different areas for the residents to sit and even enjoy barbeques. The pedestrians can enjoy the nearby paths featuring a variety of plant material which will include shrubs, caliper trees and different types of ornamental plantings.

The 7th-floor terrace will be best suited for outdoor dining and BBQ and will come with stylish lounge chairs for the families and residents of the project to enjoy. The project will rely heavily on its public realm that will keep the retail space of this project inflow. The residents won’t have to leave the premises for any shopping purposes either.

Location Of The Mackenzie Condos

The Mackenzie Condos will be right on the Eagle Rock Way Rd , the place which is almost the center of the city. For this reason, you can move around different boroughs without any issues. The neighborhood has a top-quality Golf club in the vicinity that goes by the name Eagle’s Nest.

This neighborhood has access to almost all errands and you can easily move around to get all your things done with ease. You will feel that the area doesn’t have a compact group of errands anywhere. You will have to move around a bit to do your errands but with the Maple GO transit option available in the vicinity that issue is resolved in no time.

No matter which lifestyle you belong to, this region has so much to offer. Whether you are a business professional, belong to a working-class, area student or raising a small family, Mackenzie Condos will work for you because it has so much to offer.

Transit Options

One of the best ways to travel from this region is Maple Go Transit. This route can take you to almost anywhere you want to go in Vaughan. It can also take you to downtown Toronto. If you have your own vehicle then Hwy 400 is accessible in the vicinity. YRT station is the closest to the Mackenzie Condos.

Whether you want to do shopping or have fun while dining out with your loved ones, the best option for you to explore is YRT and Go. The route 22 can take you t almost anywhere you want all the way top downtown Toronto. For this reason, whether you are a student, belong to a working-class or are raising a family, you will love to call this place your home.